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Chapter 1023: Addicted To This Couple

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Ye Shengge was shocked and immediately clicked into Weibo.

As expected, Qiao Yanzes Weibo post had quickly entered the hot search list.

Qiao Yanze also had a Weibo account and his number of fans had already exceeded 20 million, comparable to an A-list celebrity.

After all, not only was he a rich second-generation heir, he was also an extremely handsome one.

There was a large number of netizens calling him their husband in the comments below every Weibo post of his.

After taking over Huayao, Qiao Yanze was very dedicated to his work, managing his personal Weibo to become a commercial Weibo account.

He was basically standing up for his own artistes or reposting the projects that Huayao invested in.

This was his first original Weibo post in the past half a year, and it was such a shocking content.

One could imagine how much trouble this Weibo post would cause.

After all, although Qiao Yanze was a playboy, he had never admitted to having a girlfriend before, not to mention making such a big announcement on social media.

This “she” must be Li Yinian!

Furthermore, this wasnt a declaration of love but a declaration of pursuit.

This meant that Li Yinian hadnt even agreed to his courtship!

The netizens were in an uproar.

This Weibo post had only been posted for less than ten minutes, but there were already more than ten thousand reposts.

Some were shocked, some were excited, some were just watching the show, some of Qiao Yanzes girlfriend fans expressed disbelief, and some of Li Yinians fans were elated.

Of course, there were even more who were happy to see it happen.

“Public display of love! Awesome!”

“Qiao Yanze is really a man! Ive taken a liking to this couple!”

“It looks like Qiao Yanze is serious this time… If hes sincere, hes barely worthy of my goddess.”

“Come, come, come, lets bet.

Lets guess if Li Yinian will accept him!”

“Noooo! How can my husband be so humble! Li Yinian is so fake.

Hubby, what do you like about her”

“Qiao Yanze didnt say that he was chasing after Li Yinian, did he Can Li Yinians fans stop Dont get slapped in the face later.”

Ye Shengge casually browsed through the comments and sighed.

She looked up and met Shang Tianyis gaze.

Shang Tianyis expression was indescribable.

After a while, he suddenly said, “This matter could have passed if he had been calm for a while, but he just wants to create trouble! Is he trying to force Yinian to declare her position How shameless!”

“We cant say anything.” Ye Shengge was very calm.

“Anyway, he didnt specify the name.”

“Thats right.” Shang Tianyi nodded and called Li Yinian first.

After the call, he was still angry.

“Ill unfollow Qiao Yanze with her account right now!”

Generally, the accounts and passwords of an artist were not controlled only by themselves.

Some accounts were operated by assistants or managers.

It was the same for Li Yinian as well.

She basically did not use Weibo and only logged in regularly to post a few selfies or commercial advertisements.

Shang Tianyi cursed angrily while switching to Li Yinians Weibo account and deleting Qiao Yanze without hesitation.

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This small action did not escape the eyes of the netizens.

In just a few minutes, someone discovered this fact.

Immediately, there was another heated discussion in the comments.

Ye Shengge found it funny.

“Its a good thing that the focus of public opinion is no longer on Li Yinian.

At least she managed to maintain her persona.

Qiao Yanze did a good thing.”

At this moment, Li Yinian was in another city waiting for the commercial performance at night..

If Shang Tianyi hadnt called her, she wouldnt have known about Qiao Yanzes actions online.

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