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Lis gaze became gentle.

“Nanxing, everything is Gods will.

Youre the chosen one.

No matter what changes occur to the Phoenix Blood, it wont harm you.”

I was a little confused, but I still nodded.

“So, I can keep on playing and nothing will happen”


Li was a little helpless.

“Cant you just be more obedient”

I curled my lips.

“Sadly, Im the kind of person who likes to play.”


Li nodded.

“Thats true.

Lin Nan should be jealous of you because of this.”

I was startled.

“Shes jealous of me”


Li nodded.

I felt something.

My phone suddenly vibrated.

It was a call from Mai Qi.

“Nanxing, where are you Auntie Lan was almost bitten by a snake.

She was frightened.

It was Lin Nan who saved Aunt Lan.”

I was startled when I heard that.

My attention was completely focused on the first half of the sentence.

“Auntie Lan was almost bitten by a snake”

“She wasnt bitten and was saved by Lin Nan.

Auntie Lan was frightened.

Where did you run off to Jing Tian is here.”

I quickly put down the phone and pulled Tong Yan along.

“There are poisonous snakes that attacked Auntie Lan.

Go and take a look.”

Tong Yan looked at Mr.


She only agreed to go with me after Mr.

Li nodded.

I didnt care about all this and pulled Tong Yan along as I ran away.

Tong Yan quickly followed me.

“Nanxing, dont run.

Dont forget that youre pregnant now.”

“Oh.” I slowed down and lowered my head to look at my unchanged lower abdomen.

“No, we have to hurry.

Why would auntie Lan encounter poisonous snakes Your poisonous creatures are all locked up, right They wont run out, right”

Tong Yan whispered, “We dont have poisonous snakes.

We only have voodoo Worms.”

I felt a little apologetic.

“Im sorry, I was too anxious and spoke without thinking.

I didnt mean anything by it.

I just didnt think it through.”

Tong Yan nodded.

“I understand.

Dont be anxious.

If it was a poisonous snake, Im afraid someone from outside let it in on purpose.

Because we have voodoo worms here, there wont be any poisonous creatures within a radius of a few miles.”

Hearing Tong Yans words, I became even more nervous.

Someone let the snakes in on purpose.

Who else could it be

By the time we hurried over, Auntie Lans room was already packed with people.

To my surprise, there were several gentlemen and madams from the Jing family.

Jing Tian sat by the bed with Auntie Lan, and the pitiful Lin Nan curled up beside him.

This scene made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Jing Tian didnt have a smile on his face.

When he saw Tong Yan behind me, he immediately asked, “Is this because of your poisonous creatures”

Tong Yan was a little nervous.

She stammered, “No, no.”

“No, what No, you havent kept a good eye on your disgusting creatures” Jing Yan, who was standing beside the First Madam Jing, asked first.

I blocked Tong Yan behind me, and I said to Jing Tian, “Tong Yan has no poisonous snakes.

In fact, because she has something even more poisonous, there shouldnt be any poisonous creatures within a radius of a few miles.

Jing Tian, someone must have done this on purpose.”

Jing Tians expression was gloomy, but he didnt say anything.

Lin Nan looked at Jing Tian and said cautiously, “Sister Nanxing, it was brother Jing Tian who beat that snake away just now.”

“It ran away” I asked Jing Tian.

Before Jing Tian could say anything, Lin Nan said, “It ran away.

It went to Brothers study room, and we are still looking for it.”

I only looked at Jing Tian.

Jing Tian nodded slowly.

Jing Yan snorted coldly.

“Then, isnt this house in danger How unsafe is it for Grandpa and Grandma to live here In my opinion, Grandpa and Grandma should come back with us first.

They should move back after seventh uncle has dealt with the poisonous snakes, insects, and people!”


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